Nick Silvis is a 3D artist focused in large sculpture and installation. He has no ties to specific medias, which allows his work to be versatile and based on conceptual ideas. He often finds inspiration in worldly and societal issues, and aims to bring them to light in ways that allow the viewer to interact with his work. He received his Associates of Fine arts at Westmoreland County Community College and his Bachelors of Fine Arts at Seton Hill University, 2018. Nick is also an independent curator, currently working as the curator for the Westmoreland Art Nationals, as well as a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, the Greensburg Art Center, and the Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors.


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My artwork focuses on the alteration of space. Often touching upon political, societal, environmental, or personal issues and themes, ranging from local to global, I explore multicultural factors such as disability, addiction, sexual orientation/identity, growth, and spirituality in my work. It is large in scale, often filling its location and demanding attention.


Rarely does my work share media from one piece to the next. Instead, I prefer to find the media that best fits the piece and allow my concept to determine the form and manipulation of that media. Included in much of my work is an element of interactivity, extending from scale, forcing a new perspective upon the viewer, to sensual elements and transformative qualities. Allowing my audience to interact with the piece by means such as touch, smell, sound, and alterations provides them with the opportunity to more closely identify with its message and experience what may be a new perspective. Incorporating these interactive and transformative qualities in a seemingly effortless way aims to unify a large piece with the space in which it is installed – almost as if the space was created for the artwork.


The production of work and my research into various issues, new technologies, and modes of interaction are currently guiding my work and allowing me to expand upon my themes and ideas in new ways. As political, societal, environmental, and personal issues continue to develop, so does my artwork. My opinions and understandings of these and other themes change over time, leading me into new areas of interest for my next body of work.